Station II: Embracing One’s Purpose

Jesus carries his cross. This is the second station, where Jesus is depicted receiving the heavy wooden plank. In the relief at the Grotto, his hands are outstretched, hiz gaze tilts heavenward. He could be preparing to embrace a child, or a lover. He could be offering prayer or receiving blessings. His stance is tender, expectant– not stiff or shrinking with dread. The weight bores into his already raw shoulder, and the wood is rough, but a familiar surface against his toughened carpenter’s hands.

  The wood had, up until now been a medium for his creative expression, a badge proving his expertise and craftsmanship. Now with each step, the cross reminded him of time running out, of life running out. His purpose had more gravity now as he labored under the instrument of his death.

Numbered II,the ‘I’ is married to another ‘I’, magnetized to it’s purpose, and a polarity exists now. The power of the second chakra, located at the sacrum, is magnetism. This is the seat of our emotions, our wants and desires. It is the power of our emotions drawing situations and things into our lives–for good or bad.

At times, one’s purpose seems to crush and oppress. Dutifully, we carry on, for we have connected with something, embraced something which give our lives meaning. The ‘I’ is learning about its cross–feeling how it is familiar and how it is strange. One’s cross could be a craft, a creative undertaking, or a cause.

 My cross defines me, validates me, anchors me to this life. What could I make of my cross? I’d make paper from the wood, and pens from the nails, and ink from my blood.  I struggle under the burden, my burden, and wonder, where I am going with this? What is the work I need to do?

So I stop to breathe and look into the distance. How far is Calvary from here?


One Response to Station II: Embracing One’s Purpose

  1. ggwfung says:

    we do move on, with strength and purpose. Making our contribution where we can.


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