Station III: Falling Into Place

Here is the first of three falls on the way to Calvary. In the biblical account, Jesus has fallen for the first time as he sets out toward Golgotha. He is weak, in pain, and now encumbered by the heavy cross. Losing his footing, Jesus stumbles forward but catches the fall, never losing his grip on the cross.

In the relief at the Grotto, he’s seen steadying himself with one hand, holding his cross with the other, his knee planted on the ground. His gaze is forward, and he looks like a sprinter waiting for the starting pistol. He is ready for something.  Symbollically, his purpose firmly in grasp, he is taking in the path before him, gauging the distance, planning his approach.

None of the three falls is really about faltering or failing, but each is a point of stopping, a time of taking stock and meditation.  These are assimilation points, from where the journey progresses, the pilgrim more evolved. And at each ‘fall’, Jesus resists less and less, giving himself more deelply to each fall. He is surrendering to his momentum, truly to the moment.

So here is Christ, poised to take off, taking a deep breath before advancing, and we see that the station is numbered III: There is a third ‘I’. Perhaps Jesus is using his Third Eye to see what the future holds, this is how he sees beyond the horizon, and determines he must go forward, moving steadily to the destination within sight of his third eye.

 The third chakra is the solar plexus, which influences our will. This is the energetic place of determination, and power. We have felt the weight of our purpose, and have seen the path before us, and so we stand up and move on.


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