Station V: Giving and Receiving Unconditionally

His strength taxed and his flesh torn, Christ can hardly press on under his heavy burden. The sun is blazing, his throat is parched, and his eyes blurred and stinging from blood and sweat. He could die where he stands–and the Romans will not have this. At the fifth station,Simon of Cyrene is pressed into service, taking the cross from Jesus, affording the condemned man some relief.

This must have been a humbling moment. Certainly, he wouldn’t have asked for help, he would have continued on until his body wouldn’t move another step. If Jesus–a god, needed and accepted the help of an ordinary man, who are any of us to refuse assistance when it is offered? And how could we neglect to aid another in need?

It is a difficult thing to humble one’s self to ask for help, and to receive it graciously, but this lesson is such a blessing when one  surrenders to this wonderful opening and softening. The fifth chakra is located in the throat, which is the energetic and physical place of communication–asking for what we want and need, and is also the energetic place of receiving unconditionally. The symbol V, as discussed in the previous station, is feminine, as it receives.

 I realized while standing at this station one day, that I had no problem asking god for help and for answers to my predicatments, but I couldn’t ask another human being for help. I couldn’t confide in any of my friends or family that I needed help, or that I was scared or overwhelmed. But I realized that if god is in each one of us, then why couldn’t I swallow my pride and ask, ‘this is more than I can handle; will you help me?’ Truly, god answers our prayers and provides for us through the generosity of others. Letting the divine work through us when we’re called to help others is as much an opening to grace as allowing providence–in whatever form it takes, in answer to our prayers.


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