Station VI: Seeing Our True Selves

Veronica, brave and compassionate, wipes Jesus’ face, in a small gesture of comfort. The sixth station of the cross captures this fabled and mysterious act, afterwhich the image of Christ’s face is left on the cloth. The name ascribed to the woman who wiped Jesus’ bloody face, is attributed to the Greek words Vera Icon, meaning ‘True Image.’ Interestingly, the Roman numeral VI, is an acronym for Vera Icon as well.

How do we arrive at this station? We’ve felt alone and afraid, but driven forward by our purpose, emboldened by our love for others and their love for us. We understand our connection to all life, and are sustained by god’s help as he/she works through each of us. Now it is time to take a look at ourselves. Only through our blood, sweat, and tears–our pains and epiphanies and struggles and triumphs–are we able to see what we’ve become. Who are we? What is the measure of our substance?

The sixth chakra, as circumstance would have it, is the brow chakra, which is the energetic place of clear seeing. It’s how we perceive what is true. It is the energetic seat of understanding and knowledge, of personal and profound revelation. And from here, we are poised to turn a pivotal corner in our spiritual evolution.


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