Station X: Revealing Our Essence

In the biblical account, the tenth station depicts one of the many ways that Christ is humilated during his ordeal, by being stripped of his garments. He is facing the viewer, as he was in the very first station. His expression is nearly identical, but more resigned than afraid. He is weary of the whole affair, understandably. His robes are being torn off of him by soldiers, and in this particular representation, his left chest is exposed.

The Roman numeral X numbers this event. This is transcendance, with no ‘I’ anywhere in sight. This is the moment when one has released the outer trappings of physical existence, and has let go of transitory matters and affectations. And like Christ, , one discovers that when the illusory is stripped away that the heart is revealed; this is our essence, our glowing, pulsing God-light. Is it any surprise that on our way back down the chakra trail, we land at the heart here?


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