To My Readers

Now that I’ve posted  through the fourteenth station, the progression of this blog reads backwards unless you scroll or go back to the first post right off the bat. In book form, this series would be read properly, from the introduction through the stations in their numerological order. OK, it may be presumptuous to believe that they’ll be read that way, but at least they’ll be printed in order.

This is not to say that the way we experience the lessons of each or any of the stations exactly in the cardinal order from 1 through 14. I don’t know. It seems that they stair-step nicely to higher levels of understanding, but we all arrive here at different levels and capabilities and such. Someone may come into this incarnation at 7 or 10, and others, like me, start at the beginning: afraid, confused, deluded.

Anyway, my wish for you is to get whatever you need at this time from any of the posts you read here. I hope to upload pictures of the stations at the Grotto at some point as well.

Thank you for visiting,



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