Speaking of Volition…

Sometimes we live our lessons and metaphors so beautifully–so crystaline, so perfectly meant for us like a gift. I was blessed with one of these lessons last night on my walk around the neighborhood. The days here are peaking at 90 degrees or higher, and one’s energy lags in the heat. Though it’s cooled down considerably later in the evening, my energy has been sapped, and it’s difficult to motivate myself to head out on my daily stroll. But I did. And as I walked along, thinking “Wow, there’s just enough of a breeze to make this very comfortable,” I stopped, and the breeze stopped. I started again, and the breeze picked up. I stopped–the air stilled. I realized that I was creating my own breeze as I walked. And here is my choice at every juncture, really: I can stand still and wallow in discomfort and the stagnant air of complaint and woe, or I can move forward, stepping perpetually into a lovely, cool breeze of my own making.


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