Faith vs Superstition

At the risk of beating a dead horse, I wanted to explore the aspect of allowing versus action, touched upon in my previous post. When people practice the tenants of their chosen or inherited religions, they’re placing their faith, as it were, in the prescribed bowing, chanting, recitation, confession, fasting, or other practices.

What does facing east five times a day, or kneeling and bowing one’s head have to do with the truth? If the truth isn’t enough on its own merits, then what could one possibly accomplish with obsessive practices supposedly attached to the insights, wisdom, teachings, theories, revelations or whatever the conceptual ideas are at the center of a given religion?

Admittedly, it’s not enough for me either.  The personal revelation I experienced last year that I needn’t know what to do or where to go is very difficult to trust. I feel like I have to do something to advance on my path. But usually, I either don’t know what to do, or I’m afraid to move in any direction. And certainly, it would be so much easier to offer  token gestures such as lighting candles or abiding by feng shui edicts or burning a particular incense, than to step off the comfortable and familiar ledge of life as I know it, and take courageous action, like going back to school or canceling my cable or actually writing a blog post every day.

If our lives move in an orbit of some kind, like everything else in the universe governed by the known laws of physics, then why is it so hard to trust the path and natural movement of our lives?

Maybe even in our hesitation there is still some kind of progress. But what would life feel like without doubt?




2 Responses to Faith vs Superstition

  1. Hmmm…. thought provoking – I have had the same thoughts at one time or another –


  2. grizelda3 says:

    cs, thank you for commenting.


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