Depression and the Law of Attraction – updated 4/23/08

I’m curious about organic and chemical diseases and a person’s ability to create reality. I’d prefer that my fate were left to a benevolent magical being, especially as I have difficulty mustering strong positive emotions around things I want, but as time goes by, I don’t believe there is a cosmic saviour, and the idea that each of us creates his or her own reality makes sense to me. Mostly.

I have difficulty with some aspects of the Law of Attraction, like its seeming random timing between intention and manifestation, and the rationale behind negative intentions/thinking not manifesting immediately because the energy driving those intentions is supposedly weaker. The proponents of this theory have never witnessed my road rage.

While the basic concept that thoughts become things seems logical, and it sounds perfectly reasonable that desire and emotions have an energetic pull, attracting circumstances into our lives, the claims of infallibility irk me.

I’ve noticed that some believers in the LOA qualify the ‘absoluteness’ of the like-attracts-like theory with such statements as, “You musn’t’ doubt for one second!” and stipulating that the intention contains the wording “for the highest good of all,” and “in God’s perfect time”. So how is this creating your own reality if there are variables still left up to some supreme cosmic overseer? These qualifiers basically negate the position that our fate and circumstances are up to us.

And, what are you supposed to do if you’re clinically depressed,  manic-depressive, or schizophrenic, and can’t control your thinking or emotions for chemical reasons? It may be a simple thing if you’re not clinically depressed, to tell someone who is to just think happy thoughts, or to not conentrate on the situation or things or people that seem to be triggering negative thinking, but people who are really, clinically, chemically sick, can’t just switch their feelings from dark to light. People who are depressed because of their brain chemistry aren’t depressed about something, which is the frustrating thing about the illness. If they were bummed out about a particular thing, they could reason their way to a solution. It an external trigger is the cause, one’s  mood darkens around a thing that can be fixed, remedied, rationalized, paid off, or ignored, but the cause is a real thing.

And if thoughts become things, why don’t we see the demons and wild creatures manifested bodily in the lives of psychotic people? They’re feeling and believing these scenarios are real; so where are they? The theory of subjective reality aside, other people can see the physical product of my poverty mentality. Are we protected from the delusions of the mentally ill by some sort of safety mechanism?

If it doesn’t work all the time, for every person, in every situation, then it’s not a law. It’s a marketing ploy. But maybe the law of attraction isn’t the only force determining the outcome of our lives.

Karma patches the holes in the law of attraction theory, if one believes that we created at least a basic fabric or plot to our lives in advance, either by actions of previous lifetimes or having designed a blueprint before birth which arranges for us to meet certain people, have particular experiences, in order to accomplish a preordained mission, then this ties everything up nicely. My god that is a long sentence.

Is it possible that our lives are governed by more than one force? Are our lives expressed as a combination of pre-incarnation mapping, intention manifestation, and divine intervention in emergencies?





7 Responses to Depression and the Law of Attraction – updated 4/23/08

  1. Scott Becker says:

    You have a very good point, if thoughts are things what about people who cannot control their thoughts? It’s a shame but, how many depressed people are actually doing well? Depression has controlled my life for 47 years and I am finally doing well now for the first time. The 47 years were not that great. I had all kinds of problems. I don’t know from here out yet, but I know what that thinking brought me.
    Good point!

    Scott Becker

  2. grizelda3 says:

    Thanks Scott, that’s good to know. I’m glad things are looking better for you. I know that even when all I could think about was every worse-case-scenario, things have turned out ok inspite of my emotions. One does have to wonder about the absolute, repeatable, infallibility of the LOA. Cause bad stuff happens to happy people, and good things happen to negative people.

  3. Michael says:

    I got this link from My buddy Rob who cares for me deeply and feels my pain. I suffered head trauma and had been diagnosed with depression 40 years ago. I have PtSD and have developed OCD over the years. My depression is so bad right now that I contemplate death every day. I am on meds which make me dumb and lethargic and not feel human, but I keep going. My docotors want me to go through electoshock therapy. I am 54, and in financial ruin with a wife and child. I am trying to deeply understand how lOA fits into my circumstances and I am having trouble. Any words would be greatly appreciated

  4. grizelda3 says:

    Michael, thank you for visiting MFIAC, and courageously voicing your pain here, and I am so glad you have a dear friend in Rob who is trying to help you.
    First, the bad news: I’m not an expert on anything, not even my own life.
    The good news: Life is not a competition, and none of us has know what to do in order to get to whereever we’re going. Even though I have doubts about everything else, I’m certain of this point.

    Michael, even though I have questions about the LOA, I think that consciousness is what makes the world go ’round. As a person afflicted with depression and OCD, I know firsthand the challenges of trying to control a mind that is chemically or organically altered.
    The other good news: If you’re deliberately investigating tools of consciousness and spirit, I think this means you have at least wedged open the wall between living on auto pilot and living on purpose.
    Experts on the Law of Attraction will tell you that this force is at work whether we believe it or not. Just because someone may not believe in the law of gravity or even know about it, doesn’t mean they’re going to float weightlessly off the earth. But understanding this law makes it possible, theoretically, to manipulate it to one’s advantage. And I suppose the real test of one’s power to create and transform their situation is when they’re exactly in the situation you’re in.
    Michael, stay on your labyrinth and know that the path is perfect, and as long as you keep moving forward, you will reach the center. There is no way you can fail.

    If you will accept, I offer a prayer/intention that you will find the strength, joy, gratitude and inexhaustible source of abundance and protection that has been in you, around you, and of you this whole time. Please email me at if you’d like.



  5. Scott Becker says:

    Michael, I just would like to add to Grizelda’s comments that I think you have taken a big first step by coming on the internet to places like this. Seems like you are seeking help which is the first step in recovery. I agree completely with this comment

    “The other good news: If you’re deliberately investigating tools of consciousness and spirit, I think this means you have at least wedged open the wall between living on auto pilot and living on purpose.’

    I have been where you are and believe me I figured that it was just the beginning of the end and whats more is I was glad that I thought so.

    Today I am in recovery and have been feeling good for over a year. And I was sick since childhood.

    What I am saying is be patient, cut yourself a break sometimes and stay on the track that you are on – it’s the right one and you will get where you need to go!

    I wish you well my friend!
    Scott Becker

    And if you ever need another ear to talk to you can always find me at and at

  6. benafia says:

    I took part in a domestic violence group meeting yesterday, where we try to help someone put into the court system over family violence issues.

    Well, we all ended up crying on that day over the lost parts of our lives. In this case siblings who died young, yet had a special impact on our lives. Generalizing; most of us have not adequately mourned our losses, nor fully honored what we have been given. There are always lessons given by Life.

    For the violence applicant, he had his brother die on the same week he lost his job and had his car repossessed. This had him react by falling into a three week depression. He stayed in bed sleeping most all the time. His kids and wife would come up to him wondering both what was going on and when he would be over it with the family finances in ruin. He also has past serious drug use and mental issues connected to that.

    The person in charge of that meeting mentioned how her life had been in tatters and how she had learned to never think things cannot get worse than they seem to be. Since her experience is; it will get worse just when one feels put upon all one can be.

    I told my story of living in my truck, parents dead since I was a kid, fathers suicide, dead sisters masochism, no one ever seeming to care at all about me so much of my life etc.

    Then 25 years ago there was a day of epiphany when living in my truck, broke, no job or home, soon to be no gas. One night I looked with all this resentment and feeling of abandonment. I looked up into the night sky and surrendered.

    I declared all my ambitions for love and belonging were over. I was clean to whatever Life would have me do. I was now Its servant. Need to say; my life changed dramatically from that point on.

    No longer a unwavering victim of circumstances, the world seemed new to me. Next thing I knew I was working for a “New Age” kind of church which nearly matched my philosophy/cosmology. Became a farm manager and speaker for the group at times. Had women competing over me!

    I am a much more restored person now. I am not perfect in the sense of having no problems. But since that surrendering moment, I have had much more of a life than I thought I ever would.

    The most important thing I know is to come to know what Unconditional Universal Love is. How It is beyond our abilities to fully grasp and yet how it is up to my actions to live nearer to It each day.

    A life of loss and longing can be transformed into one of service to a value that is Greater, yet a part of us all.

  7. grizelda3 says:


    That is a truly moving account. I agree that once we stop resisting and let go of our conditions, one finds him or herself in a very liberating space.
    We find out how little we really need to live in this world once everything has been taken away. In this consumer-driven culture, being content with ‘just enough’ is a tall order.

    Thank you for your wise words.


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