The Here and Now

I am Here.

I am Aware.

I am in Awe Here.

Suppose for a minute that we are all splintered aspects of God, the source of consciousness, The Consciousness.

And in this spliting off of The All, we experience everything one fragment (person) at a time, distilling that experience in the lifetime of each person, so that God knows who/what it is. As a mass of energy expanding throughout space and time, this Consciousness, for shits ‘n’ giggles, wishes to frolic in worlds it creates, and even the experience of pain enriches this game. An awareness which knows that it is always just that– an awareness, never fears loss or pain or failure. Because the awareness itself, the God-consciousness, cannot be hurt, destroyed, diminished or depleted. It cannot get lost, because it is everywhere. It cannot make the wrong choice, because it is all possible choices.

In the dream of our day to day lives, and in the details of each drama, God sleeps. As we worry about the future that never arrives, and chew the past like a tough piece of meat we can’t seem to swallow, God dreams that it is awake in our stories.

We cannot awaken from the dream. We will eventually awaken to the dream, understanding that the only real thing is our awareness.

I am not my debt, or my pain, or my ignorance. Right now, I have enough for this moment. I have air in my lungs, food in my belly, and I know that even without these things, I still exist.

All I need is enough, and being full and alive means I have more than enough.

I am in Awe Here.


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