Come As You Are; Leave the Same Way


Wait–Come back! The Bible…it’s a COOKBOOK!”


No longer having a spiritual agenda, I struggle to occupy my thoughts with other things. This is no easy task, as I’ve spent most of my life–since my early childhood, in spiritual contemplation. I’ve lived the live of a monk, and now, godless, I’m at a loss of what to wrap my mind around.

Get a life might be your first suggestion, and it would be a good one. Perhaps I’ve indulged in spiritual inquiry as a way to avoid life. Now I’m forced to either take action or languish in ennui. I’ll probably mope for a while, since it’s just my way. But not having to worry about how my thoughts might be affecting my life is freeing, and I can move through it without judgment. I’m becoming convinced that there are no wrong choices and no right choices. There are just different outcomes, and they are what they are. All paths lead you to exactly where you are. Duh.

This will get easier.


One Response to Come As You Are; Leave the Same Way

  1. riverflows says:

    Yaaaaayyy!! Way to go, griz! I’m not sure you’re really godless, but you’re certainly sounding beliefless, and I think you sound much more free.

    I’ve certainly found myself feeling more spiritually connected after giving up on finding answers via other people’s experiences & beliefs … or, more to the point, trying to find answers that will fit in some conceptual (as in “created by the mind”) framework.

    Your writing was the seed for my current posting, “Rushing to Belief” … it’s on my blog if you’re interested.

    Welcome to the world … :o)

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