Words and Deeds

In yet another display of someone succumbing to the politically correct thought police, Sharon Stone apologized for her remarks about the earthquake in China being karmic retribution for the country’s abhorrent treatment of Tibetans.

Here’s what she said yesterday:

“I’m not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else,” Stone said, according to footage widely available on YouTube.

“And then all this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and I thought, is that karma — when you’re not nice that the bad things happen to you?”

The Backlash: Christian Dior has pulled their ads featuring Ms. Stone in the Chinese media, and folks are all in a tizzy because she called the Chinese on their blatant human rights abuses.

A contrite Stone gave in to the criticism: “My erroneous words and deeds angered and saddened the Chinese people, and I sincerely apologise for this. “I’m willing to participate in any earthquake relief activity and to do my utmost to help Chinese people affected by the disaster.”

 Why should people be so afraid to speak their minds these days? I suspect she’s right about China’s bad karma. In addition to their oppression of Tibetan citizens, human rights workers, and other marginal populations, they might also be answering for their abject disdain for women and girls in their practice of female infanticide.  Not that I’m an unfeeling person, but it seems to me that the quake made a small inroad to the overpopulation problem of China.

Sharon dear, stand your ground. If anyone should apologize, it should be China. Why aren’t they sorry for their atrocious animal olympics? Trafficking of Korean women? Tolerance of violence against women?

Sharon, where is your backbone lady? Don’t you have enough money and stability to say to the house of Dior, “Look, I meant what I said, I stand behind it, and if you’re ready to capitulate to the Chinese because of your greed, you go right ahead. I don’t need this job and I’ve said my piece.”

Understand this, I don’t have it in  for China. They’re just one of the many socially backwards cultures on this planet. I’m not particularly sympathetic with the plight of Tibetans, and I don’t really care about celebrity opinions on anything. I just wish that people would grow a pair and own their points of view. Why are people so quick to apologize for having an opinion these days? It’s not a crime to say what you think.

 Well, in China it is.








5 Responses to Words and Deeds

  1. Lisa says:

    I hear you on this, baby!

    By the way, finally got my blogroll going, and I’ve listed your fabulous blog!

    Hope you’re doing well, catch you soon, Lisa

  2. grizelda3 says:

    Thanks Lis! It’s nice to have a comment on this post that isn’t cussing me out in Chinese:-) Had to delete that comment.

    see you ’round the blogosphere baby!


  3. oh says:

    It’s like the “new cool” to stand there and demand an apology and get all outraged and red in the face. For pete’s sake. Someone has to conduct the truth train.

    Let “I’m sorry” really mean something, for one thing.

    And don’t be so quick to back down.
    Truth hurts; those who hear it can get over it or learn from it. Learning from it would be good.

  4. grizelda3 says:

    Oh, thank you for your comment. You’re right, someone has to “conduct the truth train”, before it completely derails.


  5. me says:

    oh, you know I am right with you on this one!

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