I received a credit card receipt recently on which the patron wrote:  “Currency is Love. Thank you!”

This reminded me of of a point Robert Scheinfeld made in his book “Busting Loose From the Money Game.”

He explains that if money were taken out of the equation in the exchange of goods and services, what remains is gratitude for receiving a good or service.  If you’re not actually  bartering, paying, or exchanging any thing, you would still express appreciation for whatever you have received. Right?

I’m trying to be aware that when I write a check, charge a purchase, or hand over cash for something, that I’m not spending, wasting, giving away, or losing anything. The act of ‘paying’ money is in fact how we receive something we want or need. It is the symbolic way of saying ‘thank you’. Thank you, Pacific Power & Electric, for illuminating my home and keeping it warm. Thank you Chase, for loaning me funds for vacations, dinners, and other things. Thank you Comcast, for the entertaining and education programming you provide.

Perspective is everything. Spending money is receiving.

Receiving is providence.

Currency is Love.



2 Responses to Currency

  1. Lisa Alber says:

    Wow, Cindy, nice post! I would love to have this perspective, but, man, talk about having to be the Buddha! Hah! But it is a good perspective. Having appreciation for what we receive, however we receive, is a good thing.

  2. grizelda3 says:

    Thank you Lisa!
    You’re right; It’s hard to keep this in mind. I’ve started writing “Currency is Love; Thank you!” on my credit card receipts and on my bills or on the checks I write. I’m so thankful for the woman who wrote that on her credit card slip. What a great reminder!

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