The Age of Aquarius

December 31, 2011

The new age is dawning. We are the ones who will usher Aquarius in. This is it. The end of the Mayan calendar.

It isn’t just the end of another year. Those of us who are living through this, are witnesses to a very special time in human history and evolution.

I know you feel it too. The unrest. The intense dreams. The changes in your sleep, diet, consciousness.


There is instability ahead, and chaos, and heartbreak. But everything we’ve been through, everything we’ve survived until now —has prepared us for this transition. Wake up!

Wake up!


Return of the Elements

December 25, 2011

I worried about all the words I had lost.

I’ll never write again, I said.

And then, in the gaping space where

the lexicon had lived like a city,

weather came, forces of a subtler velocity

shaping the space, excavating then seeding.

And now the new land is being populated

by simple creatures.

Beautiful, wild, skittish cubs.

I love them.

I resist the urge to chase them.

We can all live here together.