Messin’ Around

September 28, 2013

Thanks to Cubby,  I’ve been inspired to try new things with poetry. Well, not exactly new things, but I’m moved to
revisit the metered poem, and to try structured pieces, like villanelles, sestinas and their friends.

I’m not a big fan of form (as it relates to poetry), but I respect the creativity and care required to execute a well-written piece that regards form. You probably won’t see any pantoums or sonnets here anytime soon, but I’m enjoying working with blank verse again (metered & unrhymed).

The specimen below is something between an exercise and a real poem. Sometimes posting these things here lights a fire under my ass and my editing eye sharpens drastically. It might improve, or it may never change. But even as it is, you could almost dance to it.

Whole Notes

A poem is a spell, sorcery

a musical incantation,

trills and grace notes and metaphors

a conjuring of the god songs.


A selfish thing and a giving thing

depending on the receiver,

a common rhyme or arcanum

for the open mind to savor.


Octaves, tercets, and algebra,

the heart it drums in eights and fours,

waltzing words and arias soaring,

diving signs and wonders.