nyhamst.jpg  I am a writer living in the Pacific Northwest just trying to work this all out, and if I make it to the center and back before that bolt of lightning strikes me, then I win.


PS: The contents of Moving Forward in a Circle are the intellectual property of the author and protected by copyright as such.


6 Responses to About

  1. May I ask what you expect to find when you make it to the center? Is there something specific or is it more about the journey there?

  2. Ric Vrana says:

    Been walking some kind of labarynth for so long I forget if I’m working toward or moving out from the center.

    I’m enjoying your blog when I very occasionally check in. Insightful without being precocious.

  3. grizelda3 says:

    Thank you Ric, for your kind comments. I’ll eventually get to precocious:-D, and quite possibly obnoxious too. As for your labarynth journey, just keep moving forward. Happy travels,


  4. Thank you for following my poetry blog. I feel everyone who reads my poems is a gift, hopefully that will keep on giving, and I look forward to a leisurely walk in your garden of words

  5. Hello, I’ve found your blog and I’m looking forward to following and reading more. Greetings!

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