The Age of Aquarius

December 31, 2011

The new age is dawning. We are the ones who will usher Aquarius in. This is it. The end of the Mayan calendar.

It isn’t just the end of another year. Those of us who are living through this, are witnesses to a very special time in human history and evolution.

I know you feel it too. The unrest. The intense dreams. The changes in your sleep, diet, consciousness.


There is instability ahead, and chaos, and heartbreak. But everything we’ve been through, everything we’ve survived until now —has prepared us for this transition. Wake up!

Wake up!


Location, Location, Location

December 11, 2008

The idea of going ‘inward’ to find truth, or the concept of an ‘inner’ self or a ‘higher self frustrates me.

I can no more grasp the locus of my  inner self than I can my heart, brain, or lungs. I’m told that  my vital organs are also within me, but I can’ t see or feel them–as long as they’re functioning properly. I see the rise and fall of my chest, but I’m not convinced there are lungs inside of me. I’ve never seen them, but if I were cut open, I can reasonably expect that these organs I’ve heard about would be there–quite pinkly proven.  If I have difficulty imagining my own physicality, then trying to wrap my mind around an intangible part of myself is just impossible.

How high up is my higher self? Step-stool high? Binoculars high? Hubble telescope high?

How do I know I’ve probed far enough toward my inner self? Is it like jabbing a finger inside my ear until I hit a tender spot?

I’m certain that what is meant by ‘higher’ self describes an evolved self rather than a geographically elevated self, but the concept still makes me want to look up. I’m hung up on the actual locus of these ‘selves’ and want so much to find them and integrate them into my experience, but my quest is unresolved and fruitless, and it makes me wonder about ‘where’ any part of my ‘self’ really is.

Maybe there is no locus at all. Maybe, attempting to pinpoint any supposed aspect of myself is like the ocean trying to find the wet spot. There is no inner self or higher self. There is only the self, examined or unexamined, conscious or unconscious.

It’s right here.

Station VIII: Jesus Consoles the Weeping Daughters of Jerusalem

March 20, 2008


Chakra: Brow                     Illusion: Death

 Concern: Legacy              Revelation: Eternal Life

The flesh will succumb to death, but the God light in each of us is eternal, and this is our spiritual legacy.  Spirit manifests itself in all the generations to come, and will not cease with physical death. Life is eternal, in its myriad forms, from age to age.

Meditation: Though my ego-filtered experience in this life is finite, my awareness is infinite. The past has never been, the future never arrives, because the present is  eternal and deathless.

Station XIV: Moving Forward In A Circle

March 27, 2007

Energy never ceases to exist, and it moves from one conveyance to another. In the last station, Jesus is buried in the selpucher. He is seen being laid onto a slab, his crown of thorns leaning against the step. The lemniscate is conspicuous in the twisted thorns, a reminder that life is eternal.

Jesus won’t just be laid in the tomb as is. There is preparation necessary before he is considered “buried”. The body will be bathed and annointed with oil, wrapped in linens, including a chin strap. Here, the pilgrim prepares as well. The soul is getting ready to reappear, to struggle once again toward awakening and to help others along the way. The message of this station is clear in its Roman numbering. The ‘I’ sits between X and V. In between transcendance and matter/mater, is the ‘I’. Here is where the journey really begins.

Station XIII: Casting Off the Shell

March 27, 2007

This station continues the work of the last, casting off the ego-riddled shell from the everlasting spirit. Jesus body is broken and lifeless, him arms hang limply as he is taken down from the cross.  Perhaps this is the fourth fall, the literal detachment, of soul from body, of body from cross, of self from a linear destiny.

Thirteen breaks down to four, which vibrates around matter and the physical. This station has brought us back to the root chakra, and by this time, we understand that the soul has survived– it is the spirit, our god-spark that throbs in us and through us. Forever.

Station VIII: What Comes After Us

March 21, 2007

Jesus consoles the weeping daughters of Jerusalem, at the eighth station. The concern has shifted from the self outward, and from the here and now into the future. The pilgrim is able to perceive eternity, as represented by the lemniscate, or figure 8. Eight is the number associated with accomlishment, and legacy. What will we leave behind? What comes after us? We understand that life doesn’t end with our demise, but continues in its various forms and for generations.

Jesus says to the women, “Do not weep for me, but for your babies.” My gross summarization of his statment, is that life goes on. Don’t get caught up in a momentary failure or difficult situation, because it, as everything does, will pass. Jesus’ physical existence would come to an end, but generations would follow, and new life will be celebrated again and again. And Jesus understood, as the pilgrim has also realized at this point, that life–that enduring spark connected to God, never vanishes.

In the Grotto’s sculpture, one sees the lemniscate not in the Roman numeral, of course, but in the crown of thorns, and the rope around Jesus waist. The artist has taken care to make prominent the figure 8 in this particular relief; I don’t think this was an accident. Heading back down the chakra line, we’re at the brow chakra, which enables us to see clearly events on any given timeline. We are no longer short-sighted, but have the vast perspective of time without beginning or end.