Station XIV: Moving Forward In A Circle

March 27, 2007

Energy never ceases to exist, and it moves from one conveyance to another. In the last station, Jesus is buried in the selpucher. He is seen being laid onto a slab, his crown of thorns leaning against the step. The lemniscate is conspicuous in the twisted thorns, a reminder that life is eternal.

Jesus won’t just be laid in the tomb as is. There is preparation necessary before he is considered “buried”. The body will be bathed and annointed with oil, wrapped in linens, including a chin strap. Here, the pilgrim prepares as well. The soul is getting ready to reappear, to struggle once again toward awakening and to help others along the way. The message of this station is clear in its Roman numbering. The ‘I’ sits between X and V. In between transcendance and matter/mater, is the ‘I’. Here is where the journey really begins.